Laura and Angie

If you’ve ever been to Cabin Fever Coffee you see that there is a big menu in chalk on the wall behind the counter. It has lots of custom and specialty drinks listed. They are drink recipes that we have collected over the years. Some of them we inherited from the previous owner who did a really good job collecting quality combinations and mixes.

Two of our drinks are called the “Laura” and the “Angie”. They are very popular drinks…almost addictive. A lady from Defiance that we see in Florida says that she misses her “Angie” and if it wasn’t for that she would love Florida. That may be a little over stated but it does say how good they are.

People ask some times where the names come from and what is the origin of the drinks. They come from two different wonderful people we knew several years ago. They both worked for me and I miss them dearly to this day. Laura worked at Cabin Fever and was a really vibrant part of the church I pastored and Angie was my sister and on my staff for twenty years or so.

Laura died of cancer and Angie in a car accident. They died within a few weeks of each other. They were the two biggest funerals I’ve ever done and both very emotional. Right before Laura died I got to hold her in my arms and tell her I was proud of her courage. She had such light that shined through her wherever she went. She always had an encouraging word to say to anyone who was down in the mouth. Her family still comes in the Cabin now and then. I love seeing them because we went through a very painful time together and that tends to bond you.

Angie was killed by a seventeen year old boy who didn’t feel like stopping at a stop sign one day. She was the hardest worker I had on my staff. If I gave her something to do I knew it would be done. She was my sister so we fought some. I would do anything to get her back right now if I could.

They were both amazing people that shouldn’t have died so young. It is such a privilege to have people like them in your life. They truly made my life better for knowing them. I remember many good things about them both. And, to be honest it's really hard to write this.  I’m glad I knew them and worked along side them. What an honor.

These were the drinks they liked the best and almost always had when they were at the Cabin. I think Laura’s was her own recipe.

  • Angie: Decaf English toffee frappe with a dome lid. (She thought the dome lid meant she got more)
  • Laura: Earl Greyer tea, vanilla, steamed mild, and whipped cream.

Man…I really miss these gals.

photo provided by: rodion-kutsaev-101716-unsplash