The Power of Balance

The first power step in the stairway to success is balance. Success is defined in the dictionary as “achievement of intention.” Our intention is to be a solid person. Someone who can be relied upon. Someone who isn’t tossed about. Someone who is stable. Stairs are all hooked together and are meant to raise your altitude. The more steps you take, the higher you go. 

“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise.” Ephesians 5:15

The word circumspectly means looking around in every direction. It means to be watchful in the face of danger. It implies the exercise of forethought. We would say balance. The ability to not live in the extremes. Some people would say boring

My two sons played football in high school. I remember going to football practices just to watch. They were two very different players. My older son was more of a finesse player. He was a running back, and a defensive back. He was smaller than my younger son. My younger son was a brawler. He was almost always the dirtiest player on the field. I mean his uniform was always the muddiest. He played middle linebacker and offensive line. 

Coach would always yell instructions to the linebackers to “keep their head on a swivel.” When they were back peddling during drills or warm ups, he would say, “Keep your head on a swivel.” Meaning, look every direction at the same time so nothing catches you off guard or blindsides you. It keeps you centered up. It keeps you balanced.

Balance is one of the keys to life. We all know people who are out of balance where something has taken their life over. Maybe something that started out to be recreational and it ends up an obsession. I had a friend that this happened to. He loved to fish and there is certainly nothing wrong with fishing, but he got more and more obsessed with it until he used his entire paycheck to buy fishing gear and to travel to tournaments. He bought a very expensive fishing boat and a truck to match, while leaving his wife to pay all the household bills, paying for groceries and all the kids clothes and school supplies. His wife finally left him. He was way out of balance.

Fortunately, he eventually saw the destructive way he was living and through much pain and counsel turned his situation around. They came to see me and we started the path to restoration, which took about a year. They stayed together and are doing fine now but, it was really bad for them for a while. 

That’s what imbalance will do to you. It will cause you to live in the extremes of life where destruction reigns. 

Balance means that you look to every reputable source to get a hold on issues you face. Like your finances. Balance shows ways to cover your bills, save, and have extra for recreation.

Spiritually speaking, all of us have known people who are so spiritually minded they are no earthly good. No balance in their spiritual life. Then there’s the other extreme that has no spiritual life at all. They are both destructive. Balancing up on your spiritual life is the most important thing you can do. Getting God involved in your life is always a positive thing. 

This applies to every area of your life. There is a fulcrum in everything you do. From family, to church, to work and the list goes on and on. The most successful people don’t have the most money or fame. The most successful and prosperous people are the balanced ones. They have the right mindset to do well. Nothing has pushed them to extremes. 

You have to ask yourself what has control of my life? What is pulling me to the place that I’m willing to compromise my values? Think about it. If you can’t seem to get control of a certain area, talk to someone. Get in a small group that can help you. Don’t let your life be unproductive. Live life on purpose.

I’ve sat with many people while they were dying. Not one of them said “Gosh, I wish I would have went fishing more.” or, “I wish I would have watched more TV.” it’s time to get it together. Make the choice today that you’re going to balance up.