You'll often hear it called "Cabin"  or "The Cabin"

That's just code for a cute little coffee shop in downtown Defiance, one of the most visited spots on the block. The Cabin has been long established; adorned in this hunting, woodsy lodge deco since its opening in 2003. It is really unlike any other downtown space - the exposed brick walls, stuffed woodland creatures, tin roofing, and rich mahogany wood accents create an inviting and fun atmosphere. 


Our Menu

You'll find a full latte and coffee drink menu, sandwiches/ paninis, and a large assortment of candy. Browse our menu online.


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what people are saying about Cabin Fever Coffee Shop

  • I'm from Defiance, Oh born and raised but relocated to Oregon in high school with my mother. When I graduated and started college, I just never had the money to move back. I miss it so much and the one thing I miss the most is Cabin fever coffee! I used to go to the one next to the court house in defiance every single day after school to study. I miss the treats and a big ol mug of cocoa or coffee. Absolutely the best coffee I have ever had. And the homey cabin vibe was to die for. I actually think it would do amazing in southern Oregon where I live. But anyways, I really wish I could redeem this but I can not. Thank you so much thou!!  - Kitana Anderson
  • I absolutely adore this warm hearted coffee shop! Great place for meetings, reading, homework, or just catching up with friends. Great environment that is staffed with the best of the best! Go check it out!! ❤️   - Brooke Grunden
  • I LOVE THIS PLACE!! The food is super yummy, the espresso and syrups are great (they don't taste fake like other places). This is always my #1 choice for coffee and a great experience. Oh, and the baristas are the best part of it all. - Kara Price
  • The Cabin is where I go! It's great for meetings, chatting, killing time instead of running home between errands. Always a great staff and the owners are in tune to the customer's needs.  - Greg Cramer

Come See Us!


Located right downtown in the center of the city, parking in front of Cabin Fever is fast and convenient.  Should you find yourself searching for a parking spot, check out our additional parking in the rear of the building. There is even an entrance to the shop at the top of the stairs.  

Rear entrance to Cabin Fever Coffee Shop

Rear entrance to Cabin Fever Coffee Shop