Tim and Jill retired from their pastoral ministry in 2014, but they are far from being retired from opening up their hearts for others.


They wanted to own The Cabin providing a place of connection - for the people in Defiance, for their family, and for people that could use their help. Tim and Jill offer marriage counseling, motivational and inspirational speaking for conferences and events. They firmly believe in the foundation of a strong family united in Christ and love to teach others what that looks like.

Tim also offers one-on-one coaching, it helped him through his deep passion for ministry so he wants to extend that to others. Tim said, "I might think the term life coach was a phony phrase if I hadn't experienced it first-hand myself. He helped me set my priorities, goals, and structure. He helped me to build teams (from 43 reports to 4 at the end). We went to seminars together and it was the best time of my life." 

With Tim, you're going to learn how to connect with people and what disconnects you from people. "It's really quite simple," he says, "I offer a pastor's perspective outside of church. And that's why I love this coffee shop - it is a hub for connection in the town I grew up in and love. I want to see Defiance connected and strong."

Some of their most recent invents include speaking at a marriage retreat at Shipshewana Blue Gate Hotel, Jill spoke at a women's retreat at Branch Christian Fellowship in Paulding County while Tim took a trip to Levons Commons in Toledo for some motivational speaking at City On A Hill.  The two love offering a place for connection here in the city of Defiance and also find the time to extend that love and togetherness throughout the area.

It almost always comes back to family and marriage. The secret to anything is a strong family. You can bring it back to that... it’s the secret to a strong business, strong church, and strong communities.
— Tim & Jill

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