A way through…

My mom was born in 1931. She has been married to my dad for 66 years. She’s raised 6 kids and several of her grandkids. Lived pretty much in the same house all her married life. She loves home. If you ask her where she would go on vacation anywhere in the world she would say, “I want to stay home.” She has been an inspiration to me all my life. Everyone has down days and blue Mondays, but honestly, I don’t remember her ever being down in the mouth or depressed.

She stays busy with her hobbies of making comforters, pies, and noodles. Her peanut brittle is world famous. If I ever need anything and she can help me with it, I know that I can count on her to pitch in. She has made me several Harley comforters for Children’s Lantern, the foundation that “Helps helpless children” that we started several years ago. We auction them off every year which raises several hundred dollars.

I text her early in the morning, sometimes before 5:00 am because I know she’ll be up reading her Bible and getting ready for the day. She always texts me back with a positive greeting. She is truly an amazing person. I

I’ve had the privilege of living with her when I was growing up and seeing her make it through some very hurtful and hard circumstances. I don’t remember her ever complaining. She always said, “This too shall pass.”

Me and my brothers weren’t easy to deal with. I’m sad to say it but we put her through a lot of heart ache and heart break but she never gave up on us. She always says, to this day, “You were such good kids.” I’m glad she has that attitude but the reality is we caused her a lot of problems. We were in trouble all the time.

My mom was born in the middle of the Great Depression and lived through World War 2. She was raised in a small town and a small house with no running water and a wood stove in the middle of the house that was supposed to heat the whole thing. She has told me stories about taking a bath behind the wood stone, in a tub filled with water heated on that stove. Taking a bath was a major ordeal then.

As I write this, she’s 86 years old and still going strong. I don’t know how she has put up with all of us yahoos all these years but she has. She is one of the true treasures in my life. You are an amazing woman Grandma Faye! I love you with all my heart.

She is a testimony to making it through. She has taught me that, if you stand your ground and have a good attitude…If you think right and have enough patience, you can conquer anything. She is the reason, along with my dad and my wife that I’ve been able to accomplish the things that I have. Thank you Grandma. You didn’t give up on me.


photo provided by: jake-thacker-113197 - upsplash.com