I won again.

I bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy when it first came out. It’s the extended version. I’ve watched every minute of them. All the extras, and the movies themselves several times. I think I might of gotten it for Christmas or my birthday but whatever, I own it. I put them in when my wife is gone and just let them play when I’m working around the house. I do that with the original Star Wars movies too. I know the story and most of the lines so when I walk past the TV and they are playing, I can pick up on the story and know right where they are.

I like them because they are stories about people who face incredible odds and win. They are extreme underdogs and yet they stay on task, face terrible opposition and still finish their mission. I like people who never give up. People who stay with it till they finally break through and accomplish what they set out to do.

Whether you’re talking about Frodo Baggins or Luke Shywalker you have to admit that they face insurmountable odds and win anyway. It’s an illustration of a heart that will not quit. They are tempted to quit many times and yet they continue to pursue their goal.

I live with someone like that. My wife of almost forty years. She has climbed many mountains and crossed many deserts. She has faced circumstances that most people, including me would collapse under. She amazes me every day. She gets discourage at times, just like everybody else, but then finds this deep seated resolve that pulls her up.

She has a problem with her balance. We don’t know what it is and why she has it. It could be environmental but we simply don’t know. She struggles to walk. She falls at times and just gets back up. We’ve been to all kinds of doctors and specialists and they just don’t know what it is. They’ve told us that her brain is talking to her legs but her legs aren’t listening and they don’t know why. There is an interruption somewhere but they don’t know where.

God bless doctors. They try very hard but they don’t have the answers many times. We’ve prayed about it and continued to walk with God to the best of our abilities but we have no answer.

What do you do when you have done all you know to do? How do you handle ongoing circumstances that continue to try and stop you.

Some things you can change by changing your environment or changing the people you hang out with. Some things you can change by going to the doctor or getting counsel. But some things don’t change. They are permanent. Or they are with you a long time. We are still believing that we will find the problem and it will be changed, but in the interim what do you do.

Number one, win today. Face the circumstances today. Get up and get going today. Jesus said to give no thought for tomorrow, every day has enough trouble of it’s own. This doesn’t mean you don’t plan or you deny there will be a tomorrow. It simply means win today.

Secondly, do everything you can and let God do what he can. Don’t try to be God in your situation. Let Him be God. Moses couldn’t part the Red Sea but he could raise the rod. He did all he could do and God did what He can do.

Thirdly, stand your ground. When you’ve done all to stand…then stand. Keep on mission. Fulfill your purpose. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t quit. Don’t give up.

My wife lays her head down on her pillow at night and says to me. “I won again.” That’s the thing I’m most proud of her for. She faces this every day and wins that day. Get to the end of your day, lay your head down on the pillow and say with confidence, "I won again"!