The Power of Routine

Our next step is the power of routine. Remember, we are climbing a stairway of achievement. We all want to be successful in a balanced way. The word success has gotten a bad rap in our society. It has been the buzz word of slick talking self help gurus that play on peoples desire to be rich. Success is something we all want, but real success is very rarely connected to just money. Money can be a part of success but I believe you can be a success and have very little money. 

If you have a hold on the power steps that I’ve been talking about it will lead to true prosperity. Money without peace is not success. Material possessions without joy isn’t either. it’s a combination of several things that make us truly successful.

Routine is an unsung hero of many people’s success. it’s doing the same things over and over again. John Maxwell says, “If you spend one hour a day for five years on a certain thing you will be an expert.” That’s the power of routine. We call it practice but it goes much further than that. It’s about doing something over and over again day after day. 

One of my music mentors told me to practice songs over and over again until you’re sick of them…then you’re ready to sing it in public. The people who are willing to go above and beyond their own feelings to practice are going to be the best.

Mike Ditka said about Walter Payton whom he said was the greatest football player he ever saw…. “The thing that made him great was he practiced when he felt like it and he practiced when he didn’t feel like it.”

Payton’s practice routine is a thing of legend. He had an exercise routine that most people wouldn’t even attempt and yet, he did it every day. His routine put him over the top. 

I read about Tiger Wood’s routine several years ago. He didn’t just live this once in a while, he lived it every day. He wasn’t successful in ever area of his life but he was in the areas that he applied these steps.

TIGER’S 12 Things

1. Stick to a routine: Don’t leave anything to chance when you’re getting ready for anything.

2. Pay attention to detail: 

3. Commit 100 Percent: Practice whatever the scenario might be.

4. Use all your information: 

5. Have a game face: It’s great to joke with friends, but when the event starts, do your job.

6. Go for it: Being aggressive isn’t always the right play but when it is the right play, don’t hesitate to give it your all.

7. Keep the main thing the main thing: Remember what has worked for you in the past and make the choice to stay within your strength.

8. Take nothing for granted: If you have to spend time with the “easy stuff” to get it right, then do it.

9. Borrow from other people who do what you do: Don’t think that it is wrong to borrow techniques. Give credit when appropriate.

10. Give attention to the end: Remember, the ending is probably what people will remember, and is sometimes the hardest part.

11. Open your mind to unconventional methodology: Don’t compromise your convictions, but be open to things that work.

12. Check your nerves: Learn to control your nerves. Learn when it is appropriate to be a little nervous. Nervousness can translate into faith in God.

Your routine is going to have different steps in it than Tiger Woods, but you still need a routine. Do the same things every day. Things that move the needle for you. Things that push you forward. Do those things until you’re sick of them and then you will be ready to perform.

Routine is a regular course of behavior. It’s a habitual procedure. It’s continuing in a course of action until you do it automatically.